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Innjobs.net is pioneering as a human resources platform in the field of hotel and catering services. It is appealing to every specialty in the hotel industry, such as working hotel employees, unemployed and students of tourism professions, who are interested in uploading their curriculum vitae (CV) on a website that actively involves interested members of the tourism industry, employers or recruiters and employees. Concurrently, it is directly and promptly addressed to employers who have been registered freely in the online platform and are looking for employees to communicate with via e-mail, Skype or other means of video call.


Before joining the online platform and browsing the website, please consult the following special and general terms and conditions that are applied to its use and make sure that you agree with them, provided that your use and browse on www.innjobs.net implies your explicit and unreserved consent and agreement to them. Your registration is voluntary. Users may freely search the website without requiring registration. Upon successful registration, the user will receive a confirmation e-mail with the username and password, which will grant access to their personal account. We reserve the right to refuse any transactions with individuals under the age of eighteen (18).
It is addressed to employees, permanent residents of Greece and Cyprus free of charge. For employees with permanent residence in other countries except Greece and Cyprus, there will be a charge of 5 euros per year (incl.VAT).



The two identification codes, the Username and Password, give access to your personal safe account every time you login. You should immediately notify us, in case of loss or leakage, otherwise our online Company is not responsible for their use by unauthorized individuals. We highly recommend changing your passwords at regular intervals and avoid using the same and easily detectable codes.

LOSS OF PASSWORD: A form will appear asking to fill in your e-mail in order to send you a link requesting a new password. During your visit to the pages of www.innjobs.net, you may be asked to provide personal information, such as your name, surname, phone number and e-mail address. The Company has filed a registration statement as a personal data administrator.
By visiting www.innjobs.net you explicitly and unconditionally accept the General Terms and Conditions, in order to be able to browse and register to this online platform.


All the details and the general content presented in «Innjobs» are indicative and are exclusively informative for internet users, and under no circumstances are they to be considered as legal advice. The company, the contributors and the editorial team do not provide any legal or similar advisory services and are not responsible for any damages/drawbacks/setbacks/ resulting from any act or omission based, as a whole or partially, on information provided by the website. «Innjobs» and/or the Company, under no circumstances, recommend or compare the professionals displayed on its website. Its goal is to promote its services to everyone who uses its online platform.
«Innjobs» collaborates with third parties (physical and legal individuals) at all stages of collecting, processing and distributing its massive content. Therefore, it explicitly denies the existence of any direct, indirect or implied warranty emanating from the circumstances or their reliability, for their accuracy, safety, suitability and quality. Within the framework of unconditional distribution of information on the internet, users/visitors of «Innjobs» are responsible for verifying the information provided and are encouraged to submit any remarks or adjustments they may have to the administrator of the website.
There will be an option for the EMPLOYERS, in which the administrator of the platform could communicate with the employees on their behalf, to evaluate the appropriate employee for the job based on the characteristics they have, in order to save their time (“DO IT FOR ME”). Therefore, the employees give their prior consent, in order for their personal details and features to be given for this option.
It is accepted that in “Systematic” and “Regular” Monitoring of on-line users, all forms of on line tracking are included such as location tracking which is processing to define consumers’ behavior and their behavioral advertising, as well as, identifying Users’ Profile depending on specific personal data relating to consumers’ identity, their preferences and and the Profiling.
The processing of specific categories of personal data (“Sensitive Personal Data of Directive 96/45” on a “large scale” such as data on religion, political beliefs, sexuality orientation, participation in trade unions and Genetics Data or Material as well as Biometrics are defined as “Special Personal Data “with the New Regulation.
Users who post their personal details and Special Personal Data, and voluntarily take action proposed by INNJOBS are absolute responsible for this action and do not contradict their “belief” once it is done for the purpose for which he has designated himself. Anyone on the internet knows that when browsing the web, a great deal of information is being recorded about them and it is collected for various purposes, mainly promoters.


With this agreement, users consent that they are aware and accept the international nature of the Internet and that they are committed to comply with the Ethical Behavior Rules (Netiquette), as well as information that concern them and that their personal data is accurate and true, and that they willingly express their consent and in full knowledge of it, with clear positive action to be processed (also their personal data). This is for both employers and employees, as well as for their mutual communication.
In cases where a user or member of «Innjobs» is allowed to publish or send any information, audio-visual material, text, link or generally a readable/executable file from a computer or other electronic device as a private message or in any other way to another user or member, their content solely burdens the user who sent/published them. It is reminded that for each publication/attachment it is essential that users have the right to forward the content either under the existing legislation or any legal conventional relation of the user. In any case, the content of the following conditions is prohibited:
1. To be illegal, abusive, vulgar, pornographic, threatening, libelous, offensive, harmful to minors, or express ethnic, racial or other discrimination,
2. To violate intellectual or other proprietary rights of third parties, including trademarks and private material as well as patents,
3. To include any form of virus, malware, malicious software, pop-up ads and unwanted spam that could cause either temporary or permanent glitch/malfunction in any hardware or software electronic equipment and devices in general, or lags, interventions and interruptions in the function of the servers or any telecommunication network.
4. To include a false statement against another user’s profile or imitation of any person (natural or legal).
By submitting material to «Innjobs» you grant the Company a permanent, non-exclusive, irrevocable, and free authorized license for the reproduction, adjustment, distribution and public display of a part or all of it within «Innjobs» or on its affiliated websites and according to the purpose the company has set. You consent that you will not receive any compensation for any content you submit to “Innjobs”, as you consented to, upload your personal details, for the accuracy of which, you are the only responsible for. Intellectual property rights for the data provided are preserved to the holder, while ‘Innjobs’ can mention the name, surname and the working specialty of the user, as the latter was the one who willingly submitted this data.
Users of «Innjobs» are obliged not to use the site for the purpose of carrying out acts that may result in criminal prosecution or any civil or administrative proceedings against the Company for acts that are, indicatively and not exclusively, covered by the Penal Code, in specific criminal laws, in personal data protection legislation, in telecoms legislation, as well as in the relevant European Union legislation, the National Telecommunications Commission, Hellenic Data Protection Authority and any other Public or Administrative Authority and Service, as well as for acts that might infringe any right or other legitimate interest of the Company or a third party.
Should any third party be engaged into any legal action against the Company claiming any of its legal property that is reflected by the Terms of Use within the field of responsibility of the user, the Company reserves the right to redirect it against that user. Along with any claims by third parties, the Company reserves the right to demand compensation from the user for breaching the Terms of Use and for any legal consequence arising therefrom.
In any case, by accessing and visiting «Innjobs», by yourself, you consent that the exceptions and liability limitations that are defined in this document are correct and reasonable. In case you disagree with the reasoning and rationale of this website, you should refrain from its use.

You are aware that «Innjobs» reserves the right to modify and/or interrupt temporarily or permanently part or all of its services with or without notice to users/members, provided there is a serious reason. Therefore, users/members acknowledge they have no right to get any compensation in any way from «Innjobs» or its administrators.
Finally, you unreservedly agree that «Innjobs» has the right to remove, deactivate or restrict the submitted material, or deny access to it, as long as it rightfully considers that this material violates the Terms of Use. For any disagreement with this specific initiative on behalf of «Innjobs», you may contact the company for further details.


With the assistance of appropriate links in «Innjobs», users are able to access third parties’ websites. The unique purpose of these links is to facilitate the visitors during surfing the internet. It does not constitute, under no circumstances, sign of accept or approval of the content of these sites, which are attached to the link. Each link leads to a different webpage, in which web-navigation is under terms of use of this particular website. Innjobs or/and the Company does not have any responsibility for the content and the management policy of personal data of the website connected to the link. Access and use of the provided links to each website, takes place with the exclusive responsibility of the user himself.

WAYS OF PAYMENT: Deposit to a bank account, e-banking, PayPal, credit card.
Each created account is strictly personal and authorized for one person and only, and contains those information users have indicated with their consent and explicitly states that it is accurate, and approved for one person, by whom the data was submitted. The enrolled EMPLOYERS owe to keep their username and their password secret. In case of unauthorized use, please inform immediately Innjobs’ administrators.
In the context of safeguarding of Innjobs’ environment, the safety of its information as well as users’ data, particular data is required by employers during enrollment, which is not used publicly, except there is a need for verification of their data or/and their professional status. Enrollment as EMPLOYER is strictly forbidden, in case there is no acquisition of this status. Innjobs has the ability to submit a warning to a member that might not be EMPLOYER-HOTELIER, while the Company could delete an account, without warning and compensation, in case someone has already paid their membership, any member that may be noted not to have the above mentioned status. Alongside, Innjobs reserves the right for any further legal action in the direction of identifying members’ data and informing competent institutions and authorities.

EMPLOYEE’S Subscription service


1. Deposit to a bank account.
2. Payment through PayPal.
3. Payment by credit, debit, prepaid cards of Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Dinners also is given a possibility of payment using the electronic wallet Masterpass.


Special Training will take place in specially designed areas or other mutually agreed area, and therefore there will be an extracharge. Participation should be declared with an application form and if the individual is unable to participate, they should notify in writing their inability 24 hours in advance. In case the final training does not take place on the specific date, the new date will be shared to the prospective participants 24 hours in advance. In this case, the amount paid in the above ways will not be refunded.
Each account created by the user-candidate is strictly personal, and contains those elements that users themselves have indicated with their consent and expressly states that it is accurate, approved for one person, according to the data submitted by the person who voluntarily provided them.


For safety reasons, INNJOBS, does not store the data of any credit card for future use, so you will need to re-enter the data every time you make a purchase. By entering the required by the terms of use of the INNJOBS credit card information, you explicitly state that you have the legal right to use this credit card. INNJOBS assumes no liability in the event of unlawful use of credit cards.
Providing credit card information indicates your consent to a charge with the amount of the purchase you make through INNJOBS. If your credit card transaction is declined for any reason by the issuing bank or the credit card network, such as exceeding the credit limit or suspicion of fraud, then the transaction will be cancelled.
Credit Card Transactions will be processed through the Site of the Company using the services of the Processing Service Provider Online Payments with which the Company is contracted.
INNJOBS is not responsible for not making any charges or commitments of credit card amounts that are in responsibility of the processing provider Internet Payments or the Internet Service Provider or ISP. Indicative cases of non-fault of the Company are as follows:
5. Hardware or software malfunction of the provider Processing of Online Payments. In case the server Requests from the Internet Payment Service provider to stop working according to specifications or due to failure (Hard disk failure is reported, loss of delivery is indicated power failure, master memory failure) or due to software problems, subscriber will be considered by INNJOBS as not participating in the market.
6. When INNJOBS is not informed to complete the transaction. In case where the transaction is debited or blocked on a credit card but INNJOBS is not informed by acceptable procedures, then INNJOBS will consider that the subscriber does not participate in the purchase. The inability to inform INNJOBS may be cause of the Processing Provider Online Payments or the Internet Service Provider.
The above cases are indicative and are not an exhaustive list of all INNJOBS non-fault cases.


There is a time limit, in which an employer or an employee could withdraw from the contract, which is extended to 14 calendar days. This means that a withdrawal could take place in a time limit of 14 days in case somebody changes their mind. The withdrawal must always be written and there is an obligation for the completion and submission of the special withdrawal form.
Note that:
– There is raised protection in case of inadequate information: if the involved user has not informed the Company with clarity, about their withdrawal right, then the deadline for withdrawal is expanding to one year.
– The withdrawal period begins when the involved user completes the application form and accepts all terms of use and participation rules.
Click here to download the withdrawal form.

Enactment of standardized European withdrawal form

The prospective users will be provided with a standardized withdrawal form, which can be used (without obligation) in case of willingness to withdraw from the contract signed through the electronic platform of the Company. This form will contain all the personal information of the user in withdrawal, as well as the refund option of the money already paid. Thus, the withdrawal procedure, concerning the contracts that concluded in any country of EE, will be facilitated and accelerated.

Abolition of extra charges for credit cards and telephone service lines

The Company cannot charge the potential users, who pay by credit card (or other payment option) more than the amount they pay themselves to provide this payment option. The Company, which uses telephone service lines, allowing the communication for the concerned user about the contract, couldn’t charge these calls more than the basic price of a telephone call.

Special protection of users in case of concluded contracts via telephone (cold calling).

In the service agreement or in a contract that combines rendered services and product purchase (mixed contracts), the contract is valid and applied from the moment the user signs the offer acceptance. Oral consent of the user is no longer sufficient via telephone, but a written consent is necessary for validation.

Protection of the concerned users in relation to digital products

Information on digital content is clear and contains data about the compatibility of content with hardware and software, as well as on the implementation of all technical protection measures.
Users have the right to withdraw from digital content purchases, such as downloading or video, but only until the actual download process begins.
To upload a photo is not mandatory. If users wish to upload a photo or a video, they agree that they give the consent to further use it to find a job and communicate with the prospective employer. Users (employers or employees), have the right to request a correction, deleting, limiting the processing of their personal data, and the right to object to the processing of their personal data by dis-activating their accounts on the INNJOBS website, otherwise the data that the users themselves have uploaded can be transmitted with their consent on their purpose.
Users have the the right to object to the site and ask the correction or deletion of their personal data, as well as deleting it via email in the site communication form and in accordance with these terms – privacy policy.


The Company has no responsibility regarding the content of the ads (of any category and form) posted on INNJOBS, as well as the user / subscriber’s communication with third-party advertised on it. Furthermore, the Company is not responsible for any issue arising from any user / subscriber transaction and the third part of the advertiser.


Anything provided to users / visitors through our site is not in any way, directly or indirectly, incitement, advice or prompting any act, but it is up to the users / visitors to evaluate what is provided and act based on their own will.


INNJOBS can use cookies, as part of the facility but also the operation of the services through its website. Cookies are small text files, which are sent and stored in the electronic computer user, allowing websites such as www.innjobs.net, to operate seamlessly and without technical issues, collect multiple user options, recognize frequent users, facilitate their access to it, and collect data to improve the content of the site. Cookies do not cause damage to user computers, as well as files kept in them. We use cookies to provide you with information and handle your commands-orders, while when you are out of the site, they are automatically deleted. You must keep in mind that cookies are absolute necessary so that the site can be properly function. www.innjobs.net


INNJOBS retains the exclusive right, which users / visitors accept, to interrupt permanently or temporarily the operation of  www.innjobs.net with or without warning to users / members.

When registered, users can attach their CV, so that it can be accessible to everyone interested. In this way, they post to their profile all the information chosen, wishing to show their qualifications for the purpose they have.


Current terms of use, including modifications, are governed and completed, where necessary, by Greek and European laws and respective international conventions. Whereas in jurisdiction there are the courts located in Athens.
Innjobs’ constant aspiration is the friendly and out of court resolution of potentially emerging differences from the use or/and interpretation and application of current terms of use.
For this reason, if somebody as a user / member identifies a legal or / and moral problem issue or information in the content of the website, please immediately notify the MANAGER AND PERSON IN CHARGE OF INNJOBS IKE, who will take measures that are required to ensure the legitimate processing of user’s personal data.