Legal Notice is pioneering as a human resources platform in the field of hotel and catering services. It is appealing to people of all specialties of the hotel industry, such as hotel employees, unemployed people and students of tourism studies, who are interested in uploading their curriculum vitae (CV) on a website that actively involves active members of the tourism industry, employers or recruiters and employees. Concurrently, it is directly and promptly addressed to employers who have been registered freely in the online platform and are looking for employees to communicate with via e-mail, Skype or other means of video call.
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Binding terms

The following terms of use regulate the rights and obligations, concerning the use of the website, which is in the electronic address, which is mentioned below as «Innjobs».

Innjobs has been designed, developed and managed by the Private Capital Company «INNJOBS IKE», which, from now on, will be mentioned for brevity, as “Company”.
The confidentiality of transactions is taken for granted. All information transmitted by users/members to the Company are confidential and the Company has taken necessary measures so that it will be used to the extend it is necessary. The Company does not reveal clients’ personal information and their transactions, unless there is a written authorization by them or it is imposed by a judicial decision or Public Authority.
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«Innjobs» has the right to modify the terms of use any time, without justification, provided they are written, formulated and incorporated to the current text. Therefore, it is recommended that users should occasionally check out the content of these terms. In case of total or partial invalidation or inapplicability of certain terms, the validity of all the remaining terms is not affected. In case there is a gap in agreement between the website and the user due tothe invalid term,this gap will be completed by new or modified terms which will be compatible as much as possible to the legal purpose of the invalid term. The above mentioned, are applied to any circumstances and to every issues that are not regulated in this text of terms of use.

Copyright and industrial property

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Separate storage and copy of some parts of the content is exceptionally allowed in a simple personal computer for personal use only. A necessary prerequisite is the lack of intention of commercial exploitation and the indication of its source of origin. This cannot be interpreted as a sign of concession of the copyrights on behalf of «Innjobs». Names, pictures, logos and brand names marks representing the Company or/and its e-shop or/and third parties affiliated with them, as well as the products or their services, are name brands and distinguishing marks of the Company or/and of the and the above third parties and are protected by Greek, European community and international laws about commercial signs and industrial property, copyright and unfair competition.
A part of the pictures used at our news, come from the website chutter stock, which are used with special license, without affecting their moral right in any way. Therefore, any republication of them is strictly forbidden.


INNJOBS and the Company cannot be considered in any case responsible for any damage or/and any negative consequence that might occur from the access to this or /and the use of information and services provided at this. The whole content and services of «Innjobs» are provided “as it is”. There is no warranty from the Company that the sites, the services, the selections and the contents will be provided without interruptions and faults or that the errors will be fixed. Under no circumstances are there warranties in any way on behalf of the Company for the correctness, the completeness and the availability of the contents, pages and services or their results. Finally, there is no warranty on behalf of the Company that any other connected websites or the servers through which the Company is available, are provided without viruses or other malwares.
Hence, no claim about economic or other kind can be raised for repairing of damage caused by above mentioned reasons, whereas in all cases the visitors/users are bearing the cost themselves.
INNJOBS might publish certain announcements, supporting papers, laws, court rulings and other legal documents with exclusive aim to inform the visitors and users. There is no warranty on behalf of INNJOBS or/and the Company concerning the suitability, the completeness, the lack of mistakes or the adequacy of those documents.
As far as the lists with professionals of tourism industry included in «Innjobs» are concerned, they are formed according to the data provided by them. For any mistakes or omissions in the data, professionals are exclusively and only responsible for that, while it is an obligation of any professional to register and check that the data is right and accurate, as well as updating them. «Innjobs» or/and Company do not warranty, in any case the excellence, the completeness, the adequacy and the general suitability of these professionals, along with the absence of possible mistakes/inaccuracies on their data.