cooperation with the interconnection office of University of Piraeus is the largest online platform for employers and employees in the field of hotel tourism and mass catering. It has created a human resources tool, targeted at all hotel specialties, for the whole Greece, by region, by age, by sex, by pricing policy. It is a new tool for finding practical training for students specializing in tourism and a great opening for their future career. Willing to enable students to get in touch with thousands of businesses seeking staff by acquiring identity and recognition in the country’s largest industry, cooperates with the Piraeus University’s Interconnection Office.

The Interconnection Office of Piraeus University supports students for their integration into the labor market and for a successful career. It promotes the development of dynamic collaborations and the service of four poles: University Students & Alumni, University Teaching & Research Staff, Business, Public and Private Institutions and Organizations, and Secondary Education. The Interconnection Office provides information, advisory guidance and active support to the students in preparation of employment in Greece and abroad, in the selection of postgraduate studies and in the first steps of entrepreneurial action. For businesses, it is a source of appropriately trained staff to meet their needs. For students and future students, it develops information activities for the University of Piraeus and the professional outlets.