cooperation with Apopsi SA announces its cooperation with Apopsi S.A, the Informatics, Counseling & Education Company has created a tool for HR Departments in Tourism and especially hotel industry, targeted at all hotels’ specialties, for the whole Greece, by region, by age, by gender as well as by pricing policy. By joining the platform, employers and employees in the tourism industry can become members of our company, acquire their personal password and can make use of its servicesAPOPSI SA specializes in the provision of counseling careers, using web-based psychometric means.

The collaboration between the two companies leads to the design, manufacture and implementation of valid and reliable diagnostic tools for those skills that are considered crucial to the tourism industry. More specifically, the InnJobs platform makes the user able to complete two diagnostic tools free of charge, while accessing a personalized results report that assesses skills and features such as independence, self-confidence, persistence, patience, active listening, teamwork, etc. In addition, users can purchase access rights and usefive additional skills-competency psychometric tools, which employers in Tourism consider very important, based on valid studies by industry stakeholders.