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Dear All created the “Do it for me” tool. This is a group of specialized consultants on human resource evaluation who can provide direct services at specific times at the lowest cost. This team evaluates employees as far as their skills are concernedin collaboration with the TUV Nord organization, through our platform. Undoubtedly, assessing staff requires a different culture adopted both by employers and employees as well as specific knowledge that can lead the team to find the right person for the right place. The “Do it for me” team has been specialized in tourism for many years and is made up of people who know all the hotel specialties.

Every employer-hotelier has only to complete the form with full details, to set the deadline asking for the employees and send us this form by an e-mail. We will respond you within 48 hours. The terms of the pricing policy will be set at a second time depending on the specialty, the size of the business and the emergency of the need, where there will be a private agreement between the employer and The employer – hotelier has the right to choose a plurality of employees and end up in the assessment-hiring of the future employee within 5 days. Enjoy our services through 

  • Qualitative assessment of staff
  • Legal advice
  • The payroll of your business
  • Professional training for you and your staff, at your place, our place, or remotely.
  • Fully educate of employees with certifications before completing their recruitment, providing a basis for the structure of a right human resource company that respects itself.

Kind regards

The “Do it for me” team


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