• Cooking Specialist

    Target group

    IINJOBS cooking specialist certification addresses to those who wish to be specialized in cooking and fully understand the nutrition standards and eating needs of the customers along with the modern trends in culinary. They compose menus, take care of the preparations and produce food for a large number of people whilst abiding the principles of food safety. Also, they are able to satisfy the customer’s needs and expectations whilst having a professional attitude.

    Usual job description of a cooking specialist:

    • International, Special and Greek eating standards.
    • Modern culinary trends.
    • Culinary Art, mass catering and food presentation.
    • Customer’s satisfaction factors.
    • Organizing a catering unit. Purchases – Product Knowledge – Pricing.
    • Composing a Menu –Portioning. Standard recipes.
    • Parts of the kitchen, Equipment and new technologies regarding modern catering businesses.
    • Hygiene, Standard food safety and Eating disorders.
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  • Pastry Chef

    Course description

    IINJOBS pastry chef certification addresses to those who wish to be a specialized professional who is equipped to work in mass catering, pastry workshops, patisseries, bakeries, hotels and/or in organizing and managing patisseries and bakeries in the aspect of sales promoting products and services.

    Usual job description of a pastry chef:

    • Pastry and baking knowledge
    • Types of Breakfast items, preparations and standard recipes
    • Baking and pastry items decoration
    • Baking and pastry terminology
    • Health & safety and application of HACCP
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  • Waiter

    Course description

    INNJOBS waiter certification addresses to those who wish to be a specialized professional who serves food and beverages to customers being in dining and recreation areas (hotels, restaurants, mass catering companies, cafes, etc), not only knowing the restaurant art and the rules of gastronomy-oenology but also applying the rules of service with dignity and courtesy.

    Usual job description of a waiter:

    • Following HACCP rules and cleaning and arranging furniture
    • Identifying, preventing, cataloging as well as reporting malfunction of the catering equipment
    • Preparing the catering venue in a special way designed for each occasion
    • Greeting and informing customers of the restaurant’s services and menu
    • Taking orders, checking and service
    • Receiving payments or charging the customer’s account
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  • Housekeepers

    Course description

    The INNJOBS housekeeper certification addresses to those wishing to be a specialized professional that performs the restocking with necessary items, cleaning and arranging of the hotel’s rooms whilst making sure the customers have a comfortable stay in a clean, hygienic and quiet environment.

    Usual job description of a housekeeper:

    • Preparing a room according to hotel’s standards.
    • Cleaning the interior and exterior areas of the room and your auxiliary work space.
    • Arranging the room and the guest’s personal items.
    • Dealing with damages in a room and customers’ lost and found items.
    • Monitoring and reporting daily movement in your area of responsibility.
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  • Receptionist

    Course description

    The INNJOBS receptionist certification addresses to those who wish to be a specialized professional that guarantees an efficient greeting-checking in/out to the customer and who is able to provide services that make the stay of the guest more pleasant whilst satisfying their needs and wishes under the Business Hosting and Accommodation Policy of the Company.

    Usual job description of a receptionist:

    • Knowledge of the proper personal outward appearance in the context of aesthetics and professionalism.
    • Using word editing, data entering and hotel reservation programs.
    • Knowledge of agreements between hotels and tourism agencies and organizations as well as the differences among them.
    • Knowledge of how to properly communicate with the customers and how to actively listen.
    • Knowledge of all possible payment procedures.
    • Knowledge of how to service a customer in a hotel.
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  • Evaluation Method :

    The evaluation is conducted through theoretical examinations of 40 multiple choice questions in 20 minutes. Minimum to pass is 60/100. Right to submit the certification up to 6 months from the date of the purchase

    Duration of the Certification :

    INNJOBS certifications are valid for two (2) years after the certification date written on the certificate. In order to keep having the certification, the requirements below must be met. Also, the certificates can be renewed following the same procedure.

    Requirements to keep having Certification :

    • Maintaining up to date knowledge of the job.
    • Using the certificate only in the field that is stated on the certificate and so that TUV HELLAS (TUV NORD) cannot be defamed.
    • Making sure that the logo of TUV HELLAS (TUV NORD) and the certificate are not copied without authorization.
    • TUV HELLAS (TUV NORD) should be informed of any changes that can affect the certification in time.
    • The certified individual must not negotiate, consent, agree, identify, accept, confess any blame or debt without communicating with TUV HELLAS (TUV NORD). The certification body does not guarantee that the certificates will not be misused.
    • Not blaming TUV HELLAS (TUV NORD) for facts and mistakes which the organization was not aware of, could not be aware of or were deliberately hidden from them.